Better days are coming

time to get a better deal 
on your hotel.

Make an offer
on your room

Upgrade your
hotel experience

The ease you expect,
for a price you don’t


Booking before hoo?

Well, just ‘follow the herd’

That’s the price, if you can pay, you can stay, baa, baa, baa…

Now there’s another way

make an offer, be offered more…

Stay better

Get yourself a better room,
or simply a better price.


Enjoy something extra,
with no extra cost.

Fair & Transparent

Fair for you, fair for the hotel.
Everyone wins.

why you need more hoo…

Booking a hotel online is broken…

the internet has changed the world (mostly) for the better, but occasionally things are just plain wrong.

You deserve a better deal…

for far too long it’s been about the big booking platforms controlling what customers get to see online.

Controlling the market…

these booking platforms dictate which hotels ‘win’ your search, as well as the price shown for the room…

Taking an unfair slice of the pie…

they charge huge commissions on every sale – it’s a bad deal for the hotels, and a bad deal for you…

No real competition…

as most major booking brands are owned by just two companies, there’s no incentive to get you a better price – but a better deal is out there.